Don’t be surprised when you start seeing some changes.

As the reality of being the church in a time of social distancing came upon us so rapidly last March, we decided one way to keep us connected was to send out a daily devotion via email to everyone on our email distribution list. At the time, we never would have guessed that this effort would continue through the summer and now into the fall. Along the way we also discovered that these daily emails were a helpful way to communicate on any number of aspects of our shared ministry. We also learned how much work is takes to keep such an effort going.

Pastor Ruth has been the primary author of these daily devotions and her writings have been a real gift that this community continues to treasure. We have also learned how our audience (you!) has changed its habits around its engagement of these regular emails in response to their steady arrival into your email inboxes. Holding these two dynamics in tension, we are going to begin making some adjustments to how we use email communications, experimenting with some elements to see how the community will respond.

Here are our initial plans:

  • Daily emails will continue to be sent Monday through Friday. They will contain a daily devotion. Pastor Ruth will continue to be the primary author but expect regular contributions from Pastors Betsy and Peter too. You’ll likely discover a pattern emerging that both looks back at the prior Sunday’s theme and looks forward to the coming Sunday. In between, we’ll also be reflecting on the world around us, especially in this on-going uncertain and unsettled time.
  • Friday’s devotion email will also include a weekly roundup of important ministry news (more like a regular newsletter) that we would encourage you to explore for more content on any number of programs and happenings of the church.
  • There will be no scheduled email on Saturdays, our communications staff deserves a sabbath too!
  • The Sunday email will be focused on that day’s worship experience and the related faith formation opportunities. Here you will find all the links you will need for Stay-at-Home worship.
  • For those who are unable to reliably receive our electronic correspondence, there will be a weekly mailing of some of the devotions and ministry updates. If you know of anyone who should be on this mailing list, contact the office.
  • The scheduled emails are sent via a software platform called Constant Contact (you will see their logo at the bottom of these emails). Sometimes, we’ll use our member database software, SimpleChurch, to send you ministry specific emails (like prayer requests or ministry team updates).
  • Know that most anything and everything that gets shared in our emails can be found on our website.

You can determine which of these emails you receive!

Everyone on our distribution list is currently programmed to receive all the emails. Just fill out this form if you would prefer to update your preferences. There is also a place for you to share any suggestions you might have for us to consider when it comes to our communications.

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Lastly, know that this is a work in progress and we will likely continue to make adjustments to this plan as we learn more. We hope all the emails we create continue to be a source of help, encouragement, and connection to all that God is continuing to do in and through Prince of Peace.