Worship series for August 7 – September 4

If there’s one relationship we maintain that is truly complicated, it’s the relationship we have with time.  Whether measuring how much or how little of it we have, how we mark its passage, how we attempt to control it, or even just how we use it, concerns of time order our lives.  But the God of all time and space is inviting us to think differently about this relationship.  So let’s take some of this precious summertime, stepping back even for a few minutes and wonder together what God has been up to with all this time.

Sunday, August 7 – He’s Still Talking?!?
Acts 20:7-12 
How long will this go on?  When will this thing I want to happen, finally happen?  Can God make holy the impatience we hold on to?

Sunday, August 14 – From Generation to Generation
Ruth 4:13-22  
Try as we might, it is often difficult to see what God is doing in our lives in the present moment, and only the passing of time can bring perspective.

Sunday, August 21 – In the Nick of Time
Matthew 6:25-34
Worrying does more to rob us of time than adding to it.  Yet, we’re still so conditioned to worry, especially about things over which we have no control.  But God keeps working with us anyway, just in the nick of time.

Sunday August 28 – For Everything there is a Season
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and Matthew 20:1-6
Sometimes we are so focused on our busy schedules measured in days, hours and minutes that we miss the bigger picture of looking at the seasons of life.

Sunday, September 4 – Stop Doing and Rest
Genesis 1:1-5, 1:26-2:3 
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…and on the 7th day God rested. Why is it so hard for us to take time to stop doing and rest?