Our companion congregation Vikongwa is growing in more ways than one!  We recently heard from Pastor Mdegela about 2 exciting events.  First, Pastor Mdegela and his wife Lillian welcomed twin daughters to their family!  Lillian and the babies are doing well.

The second piece of good news is the growth of their Preaching Points.  When Vikongwa Parish was created, the preaching points of Vikongwa, Mifugo and Bomalang’ombe Secondary school became part of Vikongwa parish.  In addition, they started two new preaching points:  Muhu and Mlandege.  Last year a temporary building was constructed for the Muhu preaching point.  Members of the Mlandege preaching point have been worshiping in a space that is narrow and small, and have grown large enough to need a building to worship!  The congregation agreed to build a temporary structure, made of wood.  It will be similar to the Muhu building, but a bit larger.  Some members of the congregation volunteered to visit the forests and find trees and lumber for the building.  Other members volunteered to donate nails.  Members and church leaders gathered together to build the church.  The hope is to eventually construct permanent structures for their preaching points.

Muhu Preaching Point

Similar growth is happening at the parent congregation in Bomalang’ombe.  Earlier this year they started creating the foundation to replace the temporary structure at Mangalali Preaching Point with a permanent building.

We give thanks for the way the word of God is spreading in Bomalang’ombe and Vikongwa!  Please keep them in your prayers.