Today’s author is Prince of Peace member, Steve Sveom, retired ELCA pastor.

Genesis 39:1-23

Our daughter was about 4 years old when we were driving home after being out.  We would arrive home late enough to be after her bedtime.  So, we decided to do her nightly Bible story and prayers in the car as we drove.  We didn’t have a Bible or her Bible story book so we asked her to choose a story for us to tell.  She asked for the beheading of John the Baptist.  It wasn’t exactly what we expected from our young daughter.  But telling the Bible story was important.  The narrative lectionary helps us hear the story of faith.  Joseph is part of that story.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Part of our life of faith is to share the story of faith – not just the Biblical story but our own story.  As important as telling a nightly Bible story to our children, might be telling them our own story of faith.  How did I come to believe?  What are some obstacles I have faced?  How have I seen God’s presence in my life?  Maybe the stories of their grandparents would be good to share.  These stories give life and embrace us with hope as we listen and tell stories.

On Saturday, a group of people gathered to get some ideas about hearing the stories of members so that we can be embraced by hope in our community of faith.  If you would like to talk to any of those who were gathered on Saturday, let us know (contact the office).  You also may be contacted by someone who just wants to visit with no agenda or obligations.  Just listening to people who care about Prince of Peace as a Christian community can be a blessing. 

Listen to the Biblical story but also take advantage of opportunities to tell your own story and listen to the stories that others in our community can share.  It will help us to be embraced by hope.