14 members of our church spent Saturday learning the tools to help us discern our vision.  The next and most important piece of that process is listening to our congregation and our community while asking, “what are your hopes and dreams for the future?” and “what does Prince of Peace mean to you?”

Members of the team plan to talk to over forty people over the next few weeks, so you can expect that you may get a call from one of us.  These conversations will be informal and open-ended.  We don’t have a set of questions or goals for these conversations, except to spend some time (about a half an hour) listening to your thoughts about what is happening in your life and the life of our community and how you see Prince of Peace in the future.

If you you’d like to add your ideas but haven’t heard from one of us, please contact Michael Stetzler at (561) 347-7732 or mstetzler@gmail.com

These are the volunteers serving on this listening team, be sure to thank them for their willingness to serve our community in this way:

  • Karen Carr
  • Christer Cederberg
  • Caryn Josephson
  • Jim Josephson
  • Dian Larson
  • Rick Rothausen
  • Teruni, Natasha, & Asitha Sandanayake
  • Michael Stetzler
  • Stephen Sveom
  • Esther Tatley
  • Milt Warkentien
  • Pastor Peter Christ