• 228    our average weekly worship participants in September & October.
  • 200    the estimated attendance at last month’s “Spooky Music” community event.
  •    54    attendees of the Fall Senior Social, connecting over a meal and program.
  •    17    different community partners that use our facilities regularly.
  •    15    new members set to be welcomed on December 4.
  •      8    regular participants at “God Rocks,” the new middle school youth group.
  •      2    tiny homes about to create a temporary “Sacred Settlement” on our property.

These numbers are the story of a community of faith that is embracing hope and not giving in to the fear of what might be lost.  For 65 years, this church has grown, adapted, evolved, and remained resilient, all the while trusting that God is at work in this place and through us.  And now, as we begin a new chapter in this story, you are invited to simply join with us, as we continue in our mission to build the church and love the world.


  •                 86    member households made a commitment to support our mission in 2022.
  •                 74    additional member households made financial gifts this year.
  •   $438,000    total gifts & offerings received during the 2021-22 fiscal year.
  •   $122,000    additional gifts & offerings given to support ministry partners & dedicated funds.

Thank you!  These investments into our mission have made it possible for us to accomplish some truly amazing things over the past 12 months.  We are so grateful for the continued generosity that we receive, whether in the offering plate, sent into the office, or transferred electronically through our digital giving platform.


As of 12/12/22 we have received commitments from 74 households!
  1.            120    member households make a commitment to support our mission in 2023 by filling out and completing the enclosed commitment card or creating a recurring electronic gift.  If you have not done so in the past, this is the perfect chance to help us meet this goal.
  2.            8%    increase in giving to support the inflationary increases we are experiencing and to offset the loss of a portion of our lease income.  If you can give more, you’ll help offset those who may not be able to make an increase at this time.

We invite you to join us in hope, as we consider how to respond in faith to the opportunities God continues to put in front of us.  Take a moment to pray the “Discernment Prayer” found below.  Imagine what might be possible, as together, we embrace the hope that God has given, and which empowers the mission we share.  Then fill out the Online Commitment Card that follows the prayer.  Just filling out this form helps us meet our first goal.

Thank you! -Pastor Peter Christ & Michael Stetzler, Congregation President

A Prayer for Discernment

God of generosity, you continue to fill the world with goodness.  You also invite us to use what you have given so that all creation might thrive.  Help us to employ the unique gifts you have instilled in each person for the sake of the whole world.  When we want to complicate things, help us keep it simple.  Give us the courage to act boldly, love our neighbors, and respond in faith.  Amen.

2023 Annual Giving Campaign Commitment

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