The Social Concerns Committee wants to revive our long-standing tradition of the “Lyngblomsten Gift Card Tree”.  Our ancestors and elders may remember this as the “Christmas Mitten Tree”, but over the past decade of technological growth we have discovered that Gift Cards are more reliably useful for people than mittens might be.

We hope you will use the month of November, as our attention turns toward the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, to pick up a few gift cards when you’re shopping and add it to the basket under the tree outside of the Sanctuary.

Lyngblomsten volunteers from the various congregations in our area are trying to gather enough gift cards so every person who lives at Lyngblomsten will be given one before Christmas.  It is our hope to never leave anyone out of the fun at Christmas.

If your gift card can be accompanied by a cheerful greeting card that would be great, especially if you have kids who can make something fun by hand.  Elders loves getting cards from kids in the congregation. 

Gift cards will be presented to Lyngblomsten at its annual volunteer event the first week in December by our congregation’s liaisons to Lyngblomsten, Kristina Krepela.

Thank you for your help as we reestablish relationships which were interrupted by the pandemic years. Christ calls us to reach out beyond ourselves to be in relationship with other people.  We hope this Holiday season brings many opportunities to reach out and spread God’s love in Christ to all.

Additional Details:

  • Gift cards from Target are preferred
  • Dollar amount should be $20 – $25
  • Gift cards can be placed in the basket under the tree on Sunday mornings or giving to Kristin in the PoP office anytime it is open.