An Update from Congregation President Michael Stetzler

Last Monday, March 6, the Roseville City Council heard our appeal of the city’s determination that our tiny homes do not comply with applicable building codes and must be vacated.  The hearing room was packed with our supporters, several of whom spoke in our support. No one spoke in opposition.  Many more watched the hearing at Prince of Peace, where we were hosting Mosaic’s monthly community dinner.   

The City Council voted to uphold their staff’s recommendation that we must comply with the codes they opted to enforce. The short-term stumbling block is that although our homes meet construction codes for campground structures, the city determined that cannot regulate them as such, because campgrounds are not allowed in Roseville at this time.  Therefore, decided they must apply state building codes for conventional residential construction, codes which require things like permanent foundations. 

While they could have ordered us to vacate the homes within ten days, the City Council also seemed willing to work with us and voted to stay enforcement of the order for sixty days.  During that time city staff will work with us to find ways to move ahead. 

I believe that we share a desire to work together toward a mutually acceptable outcome.  In the hearing on Monday city council members appeared to be supportive of our goals and the concept of our “community first” approach.  Mayor Roe indicated that the city may be able to help us develop a larger, permanent settlement if that is what we choose to do. 

Our executive team has been working with attorney Evan Berquist and staff from Settled to study our options and plan how we will engage with the city.  Our recommendations will be presented to the PoP congregation council on Tuesday, March 14.  We expect our discussion with the city to begin within a few days.

At the outset of this mission, we told you that the sacred settlement was “interim”, that the homes would remain until Valerie could move to a permanent settlement or we could make ours permanent.  That choice is now before us.  We have a vision of who we called to be.  We now need a vision of how we use our land and existing facilities to realize that vision.

Join me Sundays, March 12 & 19, following the second service to hear any further updates, ask your questions and offer your ideas. A livestream and recording of these community conversations will also be available.