On Sunday, May 21, several members pooled their resources from the Investing for Good project to organize a PoP-Up Carnival.  The weather was great, the food was good and a lot of fun was had by all.  The turnout was excellent.

The CPTF piggy-backed on the event to hold the Open House that was a requirement of the city to apply for an interim use permit for the tiny homes on our site.  The tasks that need completion for the application have mostly been accomplished: an Open House for the community was held; legislative action was passed; and the application is in process.  The one action that still needs to be completed is anchoring the tiny homes.  The ground is ready for it.  The State legislation includes a provision that the anchoring receive approval from an engineer.  The contractor is trying to get the appointment to get the approval.  When the anchoring is finished, we will have fulfilled the expectations of the City Council. 

At the Task Force meeting held Monday, May 22, we reviewed the Open House and narrowed down the decision factors to a more manageable number of considerations.  The group will narrow down the number of projects that we will review so that we can do a thorough and effective job.  On June 5 we will begin reviewing proposals.  We hope to review options of Habitat for Humanity and Solar Energy to begin the process of evaluating various projects.  Soon, we will hear about possibilities provided by the Affordable Housing Team.   The Settled discernment process will look at the tiny home option.  Our possibilities will be evaluated using our decision factors and we will be considering the impact of each proposal on all parts of our congregation and campus.  The whole campus and facilities are under consideration.

Thank you to all who continue to show interest in this process and who are keeping the work in prayer.

Steve Sveom