Sunday, June 25

Dear Friend,

At our semiannual meeting on June 25, you will be asked to vote on proposed changes to our constitution and bylaws. Most of the proposed changes to our constitution are required to comply with changes that have been made to the “model constitution” created and approved by ELCA church-wide and synod assemblies.

Local congregations may modify or add to some parts of our constitution.  The congregation council is reviewing several proposed changes that may be submitted for your approval.  These changes are detailed in the attached document “Proposed Amendments to the Prince of Peace Constitution, Draft for Review – May 25, 2023.

Please look at these proposed changes.  Contact me at (651) 347-7732 or, if you have questions or comments that you would like the council to consider when we meet on  June 13 to adopt final recommendations for the congregational meeting.

At our semi-annual meeting, you will also be asked to amend our bylaws. We need to update our mission statement, which has changed in the last few years. Since we have been using the new mission statement for a while, I don’t expect this change to require much discussion.

Our governing documents are the foundation of our church.  Like the foundation of a home, we don’t think about them much until problems arise.  Most of us don’t look forward to digging into the details of these documents, so I deeply appreciate your help in making sure we do this right.

Thank you!

In faith and hope,

Michael Stetzler
Congregational Council President