About Our Church

Located in the midst of Roseville’s beautiful Central Park since 1957



We are claimed, gathered, and sent to build the Church and love the World.


Our vision is for a vibrant community that seeks a transformational relationship with God, our neighbors, and one another, while responding authentically, creatively, and justly to the most compelling needs of our community.


  • We welcome all of God’s children through open doors to be in RELATIONSHIP with one another and with God in ever deepening ways.
  • We respond with GENEROSITY to the world, reflecting the abundance of God’s love present in our lives and made available to all.
  • CARING for each other, our neighbors and all of God’s creation as we are inspired to offer genuine compassion and love.
  • We nurture the FAITH given to each of us, listening for how God’s story informs our own and practicing our response.
  • We are always LEARNING, remaining curious about God’s ever-changing world and our place within it.


For directions and contact information, see our contact page.


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