Affordable Housing Team

Helping the Congregation live out its mission to love the world.


God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  The Prince of Peace Affordable Housing Team is exploring building affordable housing on the 2 ¼ acres of land south of the parking lot as a tangible way to love our neighbors.  While we cannot solve homelessness and the lack of affordable housing in the Twin Cities, the time seems ripe to use our land, our resources, our people, and our passions to make a difference for people who lack stable housing. 

Affordable Housing Team Members

  • Anne Haugan
  • Gus Haugan
  • Dian Larson
  • Betchen Oberdorfer
  • Gary Olson
  • Jean Olson
  • Michael Stetzler
  • Esther Tatley
  • Pastor Betsy Hoium

Want more information?  Notes of all the Affordable Housing Team Meetings are available by contacting [email protected] 


2018 – State of Minnesota awards a Homework Starts with Home Grant for school districts in suburban Ramsey County including the Roseville Area Schools.  This grant is administered by Solid Ground and Lutheran Social Service.  It helps families with school age-children find permanent housing because children can’t learn if they don’t know where they are going to sleep that night.  Pastor Betsy and Anne Haugan serve on a Homework Starts with Home Task Force with other community leaders

Fall 2019 – The congregation learns that there are 250+ school-age children in the Roseville Area School District who are homeless or unstably housed

February 2020 – Brainstorming session asking the question what might we do with the 2 ¼ acres of land we own?  What is God calling us to do?  Out of that the Homelessness Team was created. 

March 2020 – The Homelessness Team is formed.  Because of the Corona Virus Stay-at-Home orders, the group meets by Zoom

March – June 2020: Learning Phase – The team as they meet with other churches who have addressed homelessness, school district, city council member, state representative, city planning commission member, Lutheran Social Service, and four nonprofit affordable housing developers

May 2020 – The group submits a proposal to the Generosity Committee for Rose’s Place, affordable housing to be built on the church’s 2 ¼ acres of land.  The Team participates in the Ideas Pitchfest and the three Q & A sessions. 

June 2020 – The Prince of Peace Council provides officially charters the team, renamed the Affordable Housing Team, and provides $10,000 of seed money from the Mission Launch Fund (money designated to explore new ministries from a previous capital campaign)

June 2020 and Beyond: Listening Phase – The Affordable Housing Team gave an update at the June 28 Semi-Annual Meeting, sent a mailing to members on July 3, and held two Virtual Potluck Q & A sessions in July.

October 2020 – The Affordable Housing Team held a community conversation during a Sunday Forum. (watch below). 


Strong Participation in Affordable Housing Survey

Strong Participation in Affordable Housing Survey

Decades ago the newspaper sales people stood on the corner and shouted:  “Read all about it!  Read all about it!”   In the year 2020 communication is shared in multiple ways. The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Affordable Housing Team is committed to being very intentional about communication and transparency.

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PoP Seeks Information from Housing Developers

PoP Seeks Information from Housing Developers

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is seeking information from potential nonprofit Affordable Housing Developers to work with the congregation on a possible affordable housing project on 2 ¼ acres of land on the church’s property located at 2561 Victoria Street N in...

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Requests Out Soon to Developers

Requests Out Soon to Developers

Affordable Housing Team Appreciates Congregation Feedback and Invites Your Input Based on congregation input from the Virtual Potlucks and the surveys that have been received so far, the Affordable Housing Team has put together the attached draft document and would...

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Affordable Housing Proposed Timeline

Affordable Housing Proposed Timeline

PoP's Affordable Housing Team has been meeting since March to learn about the challenges of homelessness and unstable housing in our community.  As part of the Virtual Potluck discussions, people asked what would the timeline look like if affordable housing were to be...

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