Half Full or Half Empty

It is the 63rd day of March…or so it feels like. Even though the calendar says May and the season is called spring, we’re still talking about windchill. When will spring actually come?

God Comes to Us

Yesterday we heard the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples in a locked room, but Thomas was not there. You are probably familiar with this story as “doubting Thomas.” He says I’m not going to believe until I can touch the wounds in his hands.

Jesus Gave Everything for Us

I have always loved Palm Sunday.  A jubilant springtime celebration where everyone is happy and people finally understand who Jesus is.  Or sort of understand.  Or momentarily think they understand. 

The Story of God’s Love

Before I was a pastor, I was a lawyer. The story of Jesus arrest and trial remind me of the summer I spent working with prosecutors in the county attorneys’ office. It was a jarring and eye-opening experience. Each morning began with the arrest reports on your desk; the list was longest on Monday because it included everything that happened over the weekend.

What is love?

This is either a very easy question or an extremely complex one. We know what love is not: shelling a nuclear facility, cutting off supplies of food/water/utilities, bombing a maternity hospital. We live in difficult times.