The Call for Unity

While sitting in a Birmingham, Alabama jail cell in 1963, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was given a copy of the local newspaper. Included in that issue was a letter submitted by eight white clergy that became known at the time as “a call for unity.” This appeal for calm was a veiled attempt to silence the enthusiasm created by the non-violent protests led by Dr. King and his associates. And, given its authorship, attempted to leverage the very authority of God.

What We Want vs. What Is

It’s so hard to not allow our own expectations of what should happen to keep us from missing what is actually happening. I so badly want to believe in the “world’s greatest democracy” that I learned about as a young student that I have been shaken at discovering how tenuous such a claim truly is. What I want to be and what is, can be two very different things.

A BIG idea for the 40 Days of Lent

A BIG idea for the 40 Days of Lent

We need a BIG Idea for this coming Lent and you might just be the one to find it! We’re going looking and would love you to be there to help us. Then we hand the very basic skeleton of the BIG Idea to the Creative Arts Team and they brainstorm all the ways the various parts of our ministries might be shaped during this time.

Words for the Weary

Have the events of this past year, past month, past week not left us weary and exhausted? How often have we been made to feel powerless? What became of the hopefulness attached to the arrival of a new calendar?

Bring Us Back

One of my best friends is a pastor in the Washington D.C. metro area.  As she was tending to ministry at her church building this Wednesday she became aware of the violence escalating at the capitol building not too many miles away.  Her response in this...