Heading Home

When I was between my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I spent a week at camp in Montana. During the time I was away from Minnesota, my parents had packed up our household sent everything on ahead to New York, where my dad was taking a new job. While I knew this was happening (it would be pretty cruel to play a joke like that!), it was still hard not to come back “home” after being away. Then during my freshman year…

On Our Knees and Back Up Again

Today is the day we arrive at the cross and its presence is much more than symbolic. It joins us to God’s very self in death. And it is hard to look at. We can agree, death is hardly ever something good. And yet, that’s exactly what we call today, “Good.”

My Favorite Place

“My favorite place is sitting at the dinner table.” While this sounds like the set up for a self-deprecating joke, and I could certainly make plenty of those, I would still have to confess its truth. Yes, I love to eat, and good food and drink are the sources of much joy for me. But more importantly, around the dinner table is where I know that I connect most deeply with others.

The ROAD into the unKNOWN

The ROAD into the unKNOWN

Post-Easter worship series starts April 11 – As much as we long for a return to how it was before, we have to acknowledge that there are some things to which we can never fully return. Instead, we are being called somewhere new. We’re being called into a future that God has created for us, one where all that has held us captive, even death, no longer has power over us. And with this new freedom, God is expecting great things from us.

Everyone Loves a Parade

One curious thing about my old hometown in Montana was how much they loved parades. Many would say this began as a result of the three-day celebration for the “Home of Champions Rodeo” that has taken place every July 2, 3, & 4 for almost 100 years now. One highlight of this event is certainly the parade that marches down the main street each of the three days starting at noon, the biggest and longest always happening on July 4.