New Life in Jesus Christ

Today’s Author: Anne Haugan Some of us in our Prince of Peace community are beginning to feel the effects of aging. Life at times can begin to be difficult. Perhaps we are thinking more and more about what it will be like in Heaven. Will we need to climb up the...

Heaven on Earth

Today’s Author: Anne Haugan Sometimes when observing a gorgeous view on Earth one hears the words, “This must be just like Heaven.” Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash Do we have to wait for eternal life to know what heaven is like? I think not. Heaven on...

Looking Heavenward

It is with gratefulness that our congregation has had Pastor Ruth and Rev. Paul prepare daily devotions. I am not a theologian, but I am an environmentalist and a has-been camper and have been delighted with our summer’s worship theme, ON EARTH. This week we are addressing THE HEAVENS which immediately reminds me of looking Heavenward.

Earth and all stars, loud rushing planets…

“Earth and all stars, loud rushing planets…” is a hymn that I like. The end of our “On Earth” series coincided with the culmination of our first ever Serve & Learn Week. An intergenerational group of people spent the week focusing on loving our neighbors and caring for creation.

Star Light, Star Bright

I’ve spent the week in Montana, under the “big sky.” But the sky isn’t just big during the day, you could say that it’s even bigger at night. The night sky adds a more expansive third dimension and the deeper perspective added by the stars creates for an impossibly vast range of perception. Add some altitude, remove a lot of light pollution, and the results are spectacular.

Created Co-Creators

We have heard this week of a calling for human beings in Creation’s dynamic story. This concept of calling is something Lutherans are big on. I’m thinking about that calling today as I page through the morning paper. What’s in the news? Well, lately the death toll from the floods in Europe. The deep drought in the western United States. This news, I sense, is importantly different from the spreading horror of dementia and the inevitability of death. If we spoke yesterday of them as natural evil, today we seek to face up to something we must call moral evil.