On My Way

Today, I begin the first six-week segment of a combined three-month sabbatical.  We first began discussing the church’s policy around this benefit over three years ago.  As with so many things, Covid interrupted all the original plans, including a trip to Spain to walk the ancient pilgrimage of the “Camino de Santiago.”  While taking my “Camino” will have to wait for the next sabbatical, I still have much to look forward to as I go on my way.

On the Third Day…

Yesterday, our monthly gathering of “Seniors Supporting Seniors” took up the topic of what acts of resurrection might look like in our lives, even beyond the experience of mortality.  While I was not present for the conversation, I learned afterwards of how thought-provoking the conversation proved to be.  It has certainly got me wondering more deeply about my own experiences of resurrection.

A Nice Surprise

A Nice Surprise

During our Easter Sunday celebrations yesterday, I had the joy of sharing some really exciting news on behalf of our partners in ministry with Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and the St. Paul Area Synod.  Each year, LSS of MN recognizes one congregation in each of the six Minnesota synods for its leadership in social ministry and social justice in their community.  To honor each congregation’s work, they are presented the “Servant of Christ Award” at the synod’s annual assembly.  This year, they have announced that Prince of Peace has been selected to receive this award.

Solidarity with a King

The candles and paraments are removed.  The table is bare.  The cross sits shrouded.  This is how we left our sanctuary at the end of our Maundy Thursday service last night.  After we shared in the holy supper around our table, we “stripped” our sanctuary of the elements of our worship.  You might wonder, where does this practice come from? 

A Curious Detail

Yesterday, we celebrated Palm – Passion Sunday and our worship began with a retelling of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Joining the celebration of all who follow Jesus, we too waved palm branches as we sang our processional hymn.  All four Gospels include a version of this part of Jesus’ story, as he enters the gates of Jerusalem and enters into the passion story that lays beyond.  But Matthew’s version of the palm parade includes a most curious detail, quite unlike the other three.

The Green Blade Rises

My old hometown in Montana received over 3 feet of snow from a storm last week.  Even for a mountainside town, typically enthusiastic about every inch of new snow during the ski season, this much new snow can create plenty of problems.