Congregational Council Updates

A brief look at issues discussed and actions taken by the Congregation Council at their monthly meetings. 

Congregational Vitality Assessment*

Congregational Vitality Assessment*

*a fancy term for a survey to help us better understand our church.

Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this “Congregational Vitality Assessment” (CVA) and give our leaders the direction they need to complete our work on “Liberating Structures,” and prioritizing next steps for solidifying how we go about being the church together. Your responses remain anonymous.

You might be asking…

Wait, haven’t we already done this?

Yes, we have but we need to take this assessment again. Two years ago, our Congregation Council entered into a process called “Liberating Structures,” a program led by the Synod’s Congregational Vitality Team. Near the outset of this process, we asked the congregation to complete this survey. By having you take it again, we can evaluate if there are any trends, positive or negative, that are taking shape. This information is critical to our understanding and in shaping the final stages of the work we have set out to accomplish.

I’m busy, how long will this take?

About 10-15 minutes, depending on how hard you think about your responses (don’t think too hard, go with your gut). We’d like to think this is a good investment of your time as it will ultimately have lasting results for our leaders and the whole church. 10-15minutes pales in comparison to the many hours your council leaders and others have put into this work.

I didn’t like taking this the last time. Do I really have to?

You don’t. But the more responses we receive, the more confident we will be in the feedback. And we’d like to make sure the feedback includes your particular perspective. Your efforts serve as a show of support for the many leaders that have invested multiple hours of their time into this effort because they believe in its importance for the sake of our church and its future.

I took it, now what?

Thank you! Our leadership team will receive the combined responses (all anonymous), in a couple weeks. Our final session with the Liberating Structures facilitators is on April 15. From there we’ll likely have all the tools in place to begin the final stages of an organizational restructuring that will empower us to live into our new mission, vision, and values. You’ve helped us get closer to achieving this goal.


Semi-Annual Meeting

The congregation will gather for it’s regular semi-annual meeting on Sunday, January 29, following the second worship service. The agenda includes elections and adoption of a revised budget for the current fiscal year.

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January Council Recap

The January meeting of our Congregation Council focused on three important topics: Our Vision is for a vibrant community that seeks a transformational relationship with God, our neighbors, and one another, while responding authentically, creatively, and justly to the...

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RIC Update from Andrew Hannesh

Hello Prince of Peace friends and families! My name is Andrew Hannesh. A most of you know, this fall I have been leading the effort to help PoP formally declare that we are a Reconciling In Christ (RIC) congregation. For those of you that don’t know, here is the...

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December Council Recap

The main topics of the December meeting of the congregation council were progress on the tiny homes project, our visioning process, and budgeting. Here is a summary of the topics raised at the meeting: Tiny Homes Project  Adopted a resolution that creates a Settlement...

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