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Father-of-the-Bride Fears

Photo by Al Elmes on Unsplash

Evolving from just “father” to “father-of-the-bride” is a step filled with equal measures of anxiety and joy.  There is so much to be excited about as our daughter’s identity is shifting as well.  Our hearts are filling even more as we expand our sense of family.  Blessedly, all the anxiety we’re experiencing in this moment is narrowly focused on the event of the wedding itself or, more specifically, the reception that will follow.

I can empathize with the father-of-the-bride and the reception staff who are facing a real challenge in this Sunday’s reading.  They’re hoping to host a party that properly celebrates the delight and promise of a newly married couple.  It must be working because the crowd is having such a good time that they’ve already consumed all the wine that was on hand.  But it’s too early to end this merrymaking, a likely result when the wine stops flowing.  As a former restaurant owner, I’m hard pressed to imagine a more dire predicament, one this future father-in-law will endeavor to avoid at all cost (well, maybe not ALL cost… we still have a budget to stick to).

What’s your experience with weddings?  What do you remember about the last wedding you attended?  Was it the ceremony or the outfits or the party?  Did anything go ‘wrong’ and, if so, how was it dealt with? 

It’s into this pressure-packed setting of joy and anxiety at a wedding that Jesus starts performing the “signs” that will give us ever more insight into how God will be at work in the world.  Now that Jesus’ first disciples (and us along with them) have been invited to “come and see,” John begins describing Jesus’ ministry and the “even greater things” that will portray God’s presence among us. 

It should not be lost on us that Jesus’ opening revelation takes place not in the temple or even the wilderness as described by the other Gospel authors.  Instead, the first sign pointing to God’s activity in and through Jesus happens during a wedding celebration.  The story begins in a place of delight and high expectations, one at which we should all be able to identify.  The Word made flesh begins revealing Godself so that the joy might continue and that a family might be blessed.  Good news indeed.

May God’s peace come to you this day.  -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… God of blessing, may our celebrations be a witness to all who seek to be blessed in marriage.  Ease the fears of those who worry about the details.  May we all trust that your presence will ensure an abundance of joy.  Amen.


Let Your Light Shine

We have dark, cold winters here in Minnesota. Yet the Epiphany Season is so much about stars and letting our light shine. When our children were growing up, one of the traditions we had during this season was to make stars and decorate the big front window to let our neighbors know our home was a welcoming home. We were all about letting our light shine for Jesus.

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Come & See – Our Theme for the Epiphany Season

“Come and See” is definitely an invitation which with speculation, anticipation  and excitement makes me eager to find out what this is all about. We have all received invitations; to birthday parties, to attend events, to serve on a committee, to be a volunteer, or to be a leader in different capacities.  Even the Trader Joe’s float in the Rose Bowl Parade had a big sign reading “YOU ARE INVITED”. 

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A Place for God?

Last Thursday marked a solemn anniversary. It’s been one year since the attack on the U.S. Capital and much of the commentary dominating the variety of media platforms was focused on remembering and making sense of what transpired on January 6. Closer to home, the group who gathered virtually for Theology on Tap that evening wrestled with the question, “is there still a place for God in a democracy?”

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Covid Update

Our ministry leaders, in consultation with the Smart Team, are making the following adjustments to our operations and safety protocols:

Come & See

New Year, New Worship Series: Eyes wide open, we step into this new year with an invitation to “come and see.”  Using John’s gospel as our guide, this is an opportunity for each of us to experience Jesus for ourselves.  Over the course of the coming two months, we’ll follow where Jesus leads, we’ll see the signs Jesus offers, we’ll listen as Jesus teaches and we’ll come ever closer to knowing the God in whom we believe.

It’s Time to Think about Summer Camp!

It’s cold and snowy outside but it is time to plan for camp next summer.  Prince of Peace has had a relationship with Camp Wapo in Amery, Wisconsin for many years.  Registration for summer 2022 will be Jan 15 - Feb. 15.  Click Here to Register! Prince of Peace's week...

Covid & The New Year

We want to share some of what we are thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic as Advent draws to a close and we prepare for Christmas.  We have all been wearied by the slow pace of the return of practices so central to our lives like exchanging unmasked smiles and sharing a handshake or hug.  At the same time, we take pride in how our church has responded with resilience and innovation in keeping connected to God and to one another. We are also anxious.

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