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Updates from the Task Force tending to Rose Diestler’s Estate Gift


ong-time Prince of Peace member Rose Diestler passed away in April of 2018 and she has now joined the “Cloud of Saints” that watches over this community of faith. As she was arranging her affairs, Rose recognized how important this church has been in her life by naming Prince of Peace as a beneficiary of her estate. In particular, Rose has given us her home, its contents, and one of her investment accounts. Her home is estimated in value to be approximately $250,000 and the investment account at just over $500,000.

Rose Diestler

Wow. Take a moment to let that sink in. Rose, who loved roses, growing and judging them, who lived just off Roselawn Avenue, who lived and went to church in Roseville has gifted this community of faith upwards of three quarters of a million dollars. Rose had very few relatives but along with her fellow rose enthusiasts, her neighbors and friends, the people of this church were her family. We look forward to hearing your ideas on how this gift might best be put to use. We also know that this takes time and want to give ourselves the space to be thorough in our discernment. At a minimum, we hope that Rose’s generosity might also inspire you to consider how God is at work through your own relationship to Prince of Peace and your on-going support of the ministry we share in this place.

The leadership of the church has taken steps to receive the various particulars of Rose’s bequest. The home is secured and being maintained and the investment funds have been transferred into our possession. Now the next step of our work begins. We have formed a “Generosity Committee” to gather your ideas and to lead us through the process of considering all the possible ways God might work through these resources to further the mission of this church and allow Rose’s legacy to continue blooming in our midst. 

The Generosity Committee:

Appointed by the Congregational Council, January 2019

  • Barry Brahier, Chair
  • Andrea Clepper
  • Kent Olson
  • Diane Syverson
  • Linda Wagner
  • Pastor Peter Christ

The Committee can be contacted via email at


April 2018 – Rose Diestler passes away and the congregation gathered with friends to celebrate her life, death and resurrection.

June 2018 – Congregation leadership is made aware of the gifts Rose has left in her estate.

October 2016 – The fuller story of Rose’s gift is shared with the congregation. Nominations for members to serve on a “generosity committee” are solicited.

December 2018 – The congregation receives legal possession of the various assets of Rose’s gift: her home, its contents and the investment account. The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Congregation Council as to where to place the variety of investment assets. Steps are taken to secure the home and its contents. Arrangements made for insurance, utilities and on-going maintenance.

January 2019 – The Generosity Committee is officially established and its members appointed by the Congregation Council. The Committee is installed during worship services on January 27, 2019. Motion to Create Generosity Committee

February 2019 – The Council charges the Committee with arranging for the sale of Rose’s car. A real estate marketing analysis of the home is completed.

March 2019 – The Committee reads together the book “Love Let Go” as a tool to explore possible ways to engage the work of discernment now before the congregation.

April 2019 – The Committee forwards a recommendation to the Council that a process for selling the home be determined. In addition, members of the Youth Committee are organizing an estate sale of the home’s contents scheduled for early June.

May & June 2019 – Members of the Youth Committee sort, organize and hold a sale of the contents of Rose’s home, raising over $5000 in support of the summer mission trip to NYC. A silent auction of Rose’s original artwork was conducted over 3 weeks at Prince of Peace. Unsold items are offered to community members to “do God’s work” and the house is prepared for sale. At the semi-annual meeting, the congregation votes to accept the Committee’s recommendation to list the home for sale.

August 2019 – With the skillful guidance of PoP member Kim Wettleland, Rose’s home is sold. Treasurer Chris Thornton served on behalf of the congregation in completing the sale.

September 2019 – A new title arrives, transferring the registration of Rose’s car into the church’s possession. The car is prepared for sale. 



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