Peter Christ - March 1, 2020

It’s not about your stuff.

Lent 2020: It\'s not about you... but it is.

Do I have my priorities straight? Do I trust in myself and in my stuff more than I trust in God? These are the questions we should be wrestling with during the weeks that lead us towards Easter. What is the value of all this stuff in our lives and what is most important?

Scripture References: Mark 10:17-31

From Series: "Lent 2020: It's not about you... but it is."

We get so wrapped up in the “important” things that fill our lives—our status, our stuff, our expectations, our image--that it's jarring to hear “it’s not about you.” Even Jesus’ closest companions keep getting it wrong. They barely notice that Jesus focuses on the young, the humble, the marginalized, and others who rarely have a voice. Join us during Lent as we explore how Jesus flips the script. Once we let get go of our own baggage, we might just discover that it really has been about us all along.

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