Ruth Sorenson-Prokosch - June 14, 2020

Loving Kindness in the Midst of Loss

As a foreigner, Ruth has nothing to gain, but could lose a lot, by remaining loyal to Naomi. Naomi knows this, and yet Ruth persists. Ruth's loving kindness in Naomi's (and her own) grief ends up transforming their lives.

Scripture References: Ruth 1:1-22

From Series: "Love In Action"

That love is a significant part of the life of faith is not a surprise to most of us. That God loves us is also central to our identity as followers of Jesus. Where we might get hung up from time to time is figuring out how we can live our lives in response to God’s love. How do we love when we’re lost, disconnected, afraid, or feeling like why have nothing left to give? An ancient story from the Book of Ruth wrestles with these same questions and reveals some important truths about love. In a world filled with too much fear, over the next four weeks, let’s spend some time developing our capacity to respond in love.

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