Corina Forcey - December 1, 2019

Prepare for Righteousness.

Prepare to Be Amazed

God is breaking into the world, are you ready? More importantly, does God thinks you’re ready? Cori Forcey, our Youth Director currently studying at Luther Seminary, digs into the words of the prophet Jeremiah to discover just what God might be up to.

Scripture References: Mark 8:27-29

From Series: "Prepare to Be Amazed"

There is so much to get ready for this time of year: the decorations, the parties, the relatives, the presents, the Christmas letter, the cards, the cookies, and on, and on. All of these things can be wonderful of course for they can be the source of so much joy in our lives. Some Christmas traditions are painstakingly repeated while others are newly experienced and possibly added to the agenda for years to come. All of this effort points to something important and worth honoring. All the glitter and the sparkle and the dazzling lights are sure to heighten expectations for something truly marvelous. But how could our preparations take on a different shape if we were reminded that, like the grass and the flowers, the tinsel and the poinsettias will wither and fade, but “the Word of the LORD will stand forever?” (Is 40:8) This is the story that we celebrate as the days grow darker. As if, the very tilt of the earth is dimming the lights and building the anticipation of a spectacle. God’s very self is coming into the world and with a light so spectacular, it will shine for all the world will see. What if all our preparations for Christmas this year, also included opening up our imaginations and creating space for God to do something new and wonderful? Now, that would truly be amazing.

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