Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen - February 9, 2020


Why Church?

The gruesome death of John the Baptist gives us a glimpse of the suffering that is to come. In response, Jesus empowers his disciples to continue and magnify his work. God’s kingdom is not coming to an end, but is just beginning. Why church? Because our callings receive reorientation.

Scripture References: Mark 6:1-29

From Series: "Why Church?"

This Epiphany season, we will be exploring the question, "Why Church?" As you know, people come to church for a variety of reasons - community, obligation, or even for the coffee. But those are surface level reasons. When we really look deep into the "why" of church, it's all about what God does in our hearts: transformation. And, that's what people are seeking, to be transformed! So why church? Because church...

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